Parameters management

Administrators can access the parameters' management in Team > Dashboard > Parameters.

Create parameter

The new parameter(s) created will apply only to your team.

  1. Click Add button on top right.
  2. Enter the Name of your new parameter and eventually a description
  3. Select the Type of your parameters in the dropdown
  4. Allocate the parameter to one or several inventory(ies).
  5. Click Create button

Edit parameter

  1. Click Action dot button on the right of the parameter
  2. Select Edit
  3. Update the information
  4. Click Update button

If the parameter is already filled for one record it is impossible to delete it. The global parameters can be updated only by a super-administrator

Global parameters

Global parameters are created by the super-administrator of your server and are common to all teams. Global parameters are useful to search into Public records.

Expiry date parameter

If you want the parameter to be an expiry date, select Expiry date in the Type dropdown when you create the parameter.

When you add a record into the inventory, specify the day of expiry. You will get a notification when the date of this record is expired.

Check the expired records by using the filter Expired in the inventory.

Required parameters

Required parameters can be associated to a category.

  1. If not existing, create the parameter
  2. During the creation of a new category, switch the parameter that need to be required. If the category already exists, simply edit the category to add the required parameter.