Edit record

You need the correct permission to edit a record. Contact an administrator to get it if required.

Edit one record

  1. In Team > Inventory, Click View button on the right of the record
  2. Select Edit in the panel Parameters
  3. Edit the information and save.

Edit multiple records

  1. Select the records to edit from the Listing by ticking the box on the left
  2. Click Bulk action button which appeared on top right of the listing
  3. Select Export to update: An Excel file is downloaded with the information of the selected records
  4. Edit the information of your records in the file
  5. From Team Homepage, Click Import button on top right
  6. Select the file to upload

Move record to another location

The location containing the records can be moved by an administrator. in Team > Dashboard > Locations:

  1. Click Action button on the right of the location
  2. Select Edit
  3. Change the dependence in the dropdown menu
  4. Click Update button

Add location to draft record

The draft records are visible from the Inventory page, by ticking Draft records on top of the listing.

  1. Click View button on the right of the record
  2. Select Add location in the panel Locations
  3. Pick the location and save