View record

See record details

From the Inventory Listing:

  1. Click Filter button on top right of the table
  2. Select the parameters to display in the table


  1. Click View button on the right of the record of interest
  2. All the details, including the location, are detailed here

See location of the record

From the Inventory listing:

  1. Click View button on the right of the record of interest
  2. The location is indicated in the right panel

Select multiple records

From the Inventory Listing:

  1. Tick the boxes on the left of the records you want to select
  2. Click Bulk action button which appears on top right
  3. Select the action to apply to the selected record

You can select records from multiple inventories, the selection will remain active. To see the list of selected records:

  1. Click Bulk action button
  2. Select View records

When you are done, select Clear in the Bulk action dropdown to cancel your selection.

Public records

When you add a record, you have the possibility to set the record as Public instead of Private.

  • See the records from your team set as public by ticking the filter Public records in the Inventory Listing.
  • See Public records from the other teams from the LIMS Homepage: Click Search button on top right. You can search into the public items from other teams.

You can perform a search into the public records.