The label editor facilitates the printing of labels based on your record information. The QRCode automatically printed allow to easily retrieve the record.

Create label

From the overview of the record (Team > Records > View):

  1. Click Label button on top right
  2. Choose the size of your label and the font size
  3. Select the parameters to print from the dropdown (The value can be manually edited)
  4. Click Download to export the image file
  5. Import the picture in your usual software to print the labels.

To create label for multiple records

  1. Select the records from the Inventory Listing by ticking the box on the left
  2. Click Bulk action button which appears on top right
  3. Select Create label

Search with label

You can use the QRCode or the code below to find your record into te system. From Team Homepage or Team > Inventory Listing:

  1. Click Search button on top right
  2. Click Scan QRCode button on top right
  3. Scan the QRCode with the webcam