Sample consumption

Record history

Each record has its own consumption history. From the Inventory Listing:

  1. Click View button on the right of the record
  2. Scroll down to the History panel. If this panel does not appear, no stock has been used yet for this record
  3. Here are listed the removal actions for this record

Laboratory stock

The total number of records are accessible from Team Homepage > Storage > Stock

  1. Select the Inventory of interest in the dropdown
  2. Select if you want to filter by Category or by Name in the dropdown Group by. In case you choose to filter by category, you can choose the wanted category
  3. Check you stock at an earlier date with the calendar

Team Dashboard

If you are an Administrator:

  1. From the Team Homepage, click View on the right of the Dashboard panel
  2. You can see the samples' activity from the last 30 days and the recent records added