Remove record

Different type of removal

There are 4 types of removal:

  • Remove when you use the record for your experiment
  • Destroy when the record is removed from the inventory to be destroyed and have not been used in the context of experiment
  • Internal Transfer when you send the record to another team. This record can be recovered in StockInLab
  • External Transfer when you send the record to a collaborator outside your institute or a team who does not use StockInLab

Remove record from the listing

From the Inventory Listing:

  1. Click Action dots button on the left of the record and select Remove
  2. Choose the type of removal, the spot(s)/quantity to remove, the date of removal and add a comment if any
  3. Click Remove

A record can also be removed from the overview. Select Remove button on top right and follow the above steps.

Date of removal

When you remove a record, you have to specify the date of the removal. You can choose any date, even an older date in case you are updating the inventory a posteriori.

Remove multiple records

From the Inventory Listing:

  1. Select the records you want to remove by ticking the boxes on the left
  2. Click Bulk action button which appears on top right
  3. Select Remove
  4. Select the type of removaland the date (same for all the selected records)
  5. Choose the spot(s)/quantity to remove for each record
  6. Click Remove

Backup a removed record

In the overview of the record (Team > Record > View):

  1. Scroll to the panel History
  2. Click Recover button on the right of the record to back up.

The record will go back into the stock, however all the actions are recorded and the Administrator can see all the activities into the system.